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What is Call Recorder?

Call Recorder is an app for recording calls and saving every vital detail of your conversations. It offers everything for recording calls and managing recordings. Record both incoming and outgoing calls in high quality and easily share them with other people and apps like iMessage, AirDrop or email.

Listen to your recordings anytime via speakerphone or handset. No long setups required - start recording right after you download the app from the App Store! Store as many recordings as you want without any space limitations.

What Do We Offer

Call locally and internationally simply by making a few clicks. With Call Recorder you save your money and time.
Record any incoming and outgoing calls in high quality. Save all the details of every significant conversation.
Edit your recordings in seconds by cropping unnecessary parts.
Save your recordings and play them as many times as you need. Enjoy unlimited call duration and number of recordings.
Share important conversations with people via email, AirDrop, iMessage, and more.

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What Do Our Customers Say

John M. Dory, 09/02/2019
This app is fantastic!!! I have been using it for 4 months now and I am very happy with the features and constant updates. Love it for the simplicity and full range of tools for recording and editing.
Michael B., 10/15/2019
I work in customer support so I often need to record my calls. This app saves all my conversations, and I never worry about the quality. It never failed me.
Jennifer Clarkson, 10/26/2019
This app is great. I use it frequently to record interviews for press materials I write. In the past year, I did more than 100 records and all of them are useful even now! It’s just like magic. Highly recommended.

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